It is like if you don’t think about it, it will cease to exist.He worries about the problems, cribs about things but never faces them head on.Artist A Pisces man will always have a creative streak in him.

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If you are a Pisces you will never be able to work in a 9-5 job inside a cramped room. The fantasy world strives on new people, new views, and new stories.2. He is shy so he prefers the company of few people and sometimes no company.

Introvert No one loves solitude as much as the fish. He is dreamy and the lack of social company is the result of that.

Compatibility – Perfect or rock bottom Either you click or you simply don’t. If yes, then you will agree he is complex and you have to work really hard to keep the relationship going.

He needs constant love and affection which he reciprocates as well. Patience is what gets you through a relationship with a Pisces guy. If yes, some tips- if you are equally shy and reserved the relationship boat might take long to sail. Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are the best matches. A Pisces and a Pisces relation will be a too good to be true relation- they can connect emotionally well but the practical matters of life will be difficult to handle. Being imaginative, dreamy and artistic he plans all these little details in his mind.

He is socially awkward and small chats are the hardest part for him.

If he doesn’t care about you, he won’t be interested in what you had for lunch or indulge in social formalities.

Virgos give the emotional stability that a fish yearns for. If you look inside the mind of a Pisces man you can get the perfect script for a romantic movie with all the dialogues, background songs, scenes written.

However, Virgos are more practical so it may or may not work. He has high hopes at every stage of a relationship and this is why sometimes he gets disappointed.

He can read all the manuals, remedies, counseling solutions but once he puts his heart into something, he might never get over it. Secretive Are you the one who knows everyone’s secrets but nobody knows yours? A Pisces man tends to be secretive about his real emotions. He guards his heart with a fence around it which only a few people can cross.