Royale Boston pretty much blows every other nightclub in Boston out of the water.

While there are some newer clubs gaining attention, no club can compete with Royale Boston yet.

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However, no matter what DJ is playing that night, chances are — it’s the best music you can possible hear in Boston that night.

The upper floor is primarily for VIP bottle service tables.

The bottom floor is massive with a few tables set up for bottle service along with several bars spread around the club.

Unlike several other clubs, bartenders at Royale Boston were made for speed so you can get your drinks in only a flash.

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Havana Club is a Salsa dance club that teaches salsa lessons and then parties all night listening to Salsa music.

While its not a normal club by any means, it still fills up with couples and singles looking to dance and enjoy a night out.

Many locals head to the Havana Club to start out their night and dance for a little while before heading out to a more traditional club because the music played is only Salsa music.

Most of the time a live band is playing verses a DJ, which livens up the place and offers a unique setting compared to a traditional club.

Royale Boston – Royale Boston is one of Boston’s oldest and most popular nightclubs.