This report noted that there are often questions about the accuracy and completeness of college crime data, because colleges are motivated to present a favorable image in order to recruit students and attract donors.

dating violence on college campus-66

Most sexual assaults involved persons who knew each other.

Less than one-quarter of rape/sexual assaults were committed by strangers.

Furthermore, most of the sexual assaults involved use of alcohol or other drugs.

The Virginia Tech shootings raised particular concern about the homicide rate on college campuses. Department of Education (2010), there were 335 murders on college campuses in the thirteen years from 1997-2009, an average of 26 per year.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses Scope of the Issue - About 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted before the end of their college career.

(Fisher, Cullen, and Turner, 2000) - About 90% of survivors on a college campus know the person who assaulted them.

Moreover, approximately 93% of the crimes against students occurred off-campus.

These results strongly indicate that college campuses are safe in comparison to the community as a whole.

- 0.6% of male students and 3.5% of female students reported experiencing attempted sexual penetration without their consent.