The Norwegian-Style Belt Shuttle is a perfect complement to your weaving accessories.

As with all Northwest Looms products, the shuttles are handcrafted, sanded to a satin smooth finish, sealed with multiple coats of Tung oil, and waxed to provide a silky finish that is a pleasure to touch.

The Quill Shuttle, also known as a Damask Shuttle, is a small compact shuttle which is perfect for looms with a limited shed when weaving with fine yarns.

Made from Canadian maple, these weaving shuttles are well balanced and smooth. Leclerc boat shuttles feature a closed bottom (except small) and are beautifully shaped. All come complete with one 4" bobbin except large, that comes with one 6" bobbin.

(Two bobbin shuttle comes with two 4" bobbins) Additional bobbins below.

We also listened to weaver's suggestions and incorporated their ideas.

This resulted in a line of shuttles which is very functional and priced right.

This shuttle has a curve on both ends, approximately 1 1/2" high, to prevent snagging uneven warp ends.

The riser which accommodates the weft material is approximately 1 1/4" tall and has a cap on the top to prevent the weft material from coming off.

Never grab the wrong yarn again, color code your weaving yarn!

colored Leclerc boat shuttle with one 4" styrene bobbin. Unfinished silver beech wood, perfect for inkle loom weaving.

The shape and weight are comparable to the Leclerc Traditional Shuttle. Choose from 4 inch- for Leclerc small, regular, slim or two bobbin shuttle or 6 inch- for Leclerc large boat shuttle. This Leclerc Holds-All can hold a multiple of accessories and fibers.