Nicole was previously married to a Christian producer, but her marriage didn’t last.

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“I believed that I was meant to be a whole man, made for one woman, and God brought it all about.

I am delivered, and I know God can deliver others too.” Adam Salandra is a writer, performer and host in Los Angeles.

Yes Pastor Donnie is in a relationship but he hasn’t made any announcement.

No one should steal the joy of making a wonderful announcement like this. ”The audience erupted in applause and the camera panned to Mc Clurkin who looked shocked that Crouch made the announcement.

The quotes from the show are true but Mc Clurkin never announced an engagement.

Christian has done this to me quite a few times so I’m not surprised but I am very disappointed in this.

But unfortunately, her personal life full of anxieties and worries.

This strong lady married twice, but sadly both of her marriage ended with divorce.

Mc Clurkin, 56, said he’d known Mullen for 15 years but this was the first time they’d been able to have a real conversation.