Some of Julia Roberts' other movies include Sleeping With the Enemy, The Pelican Brief, My Best Friend's Wedding and Conspiracy Theory.

Julia Roberts won a Best Actress Oscar for her incredible work on the real-life story, Erin Brockovich.

She teamed up with Brad Pitt for The Mexican in 2001 and again in Ocean's Eleven with other hotties, George Clooney and Matt Damon.

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Actress: Costar: TV Show: Actress: Margaret Quigley a.k.a.

Maggie Q Costar: Dylan Mc Dermott TV Show: costar, actor Dylan Mc Dermott.

In 1985, after graduating high school in Smyrna, Julia Roberts joined her sis Lisa Roberts in New York and started modeling.

Her brother, Eric Roberts, was an established actor and Julia landed a small role in his movie, Blood Red.

and she seems to make it her mission to pick a new one on each project!

On previous projects, she has dated her costar, her director, her stuntman, and her cameraman.Yes, our girl can certainly work her way through a cast and crew list!And she doesn’t care if they are married, single, or engaged.After years of dating, Sutherland, then 24, and Roberts, 23, nearly made it to the altar in 1994 before the actress pulled the plug, three days ahead of their scheduled wedding.Now, the 49-year-old Sutherland is looking back at the tumultuous time with praise for his former flame.RELATED: Kiefer Sutherland Isn’t Planning On Playing Jack Bauer Again: ‘It’s Not Something I’m Thinking Of’ “I think she was being realistic for herself,” he tells in a new interview.