He comments on how changes with the writing/production staff affected the show and shares that the series never had a last show/wrap-up episode.

He discusses his roles in the movies "Dutch" and "Wayne's World" and outlines several David Milch series on which he worked, including Big Apple and John from Cincinnati.

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He talks of his love of theater and speaks of several plays he was in before landing a role on the soap opera Another World.

He recalls several guest appearances on television shows in the early 1980s and explains how starring in the play "Of Mice and Men" led to getting cast in his most iconic role, that of "Al Bundy" on Married... O'Neill describes shooting the pilot of the show, meeting fellow cast members and what a typical work week on the program was like.

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Nancy Harrington conducted the interview on April 3, 2013 in Beverly Hills, CA. I knew he wasn't JUST "Al Bundy" I guess I didn't expect him to be so complex and have such a great sense of humor I enjoyed learning from him as an aspiring actor.

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