Originally at odds with George, over the years the two develop a deep respect as he takes up a healthy role in the life of the Lopez household as an endearing grandpa and concerned father.

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The foreclosure was suspended and George went back onto the previous payment plan once the fight had been resolved.

In the Summer of 2004, Vic assisted George in his search for a runaway Carmen and met, at the time, rap superstar Chingy in the process.

An old fisherman who lived down the road in a shack, Pepe de Congero, saw his hands and knew he had the gift. Victor grew up in poverty on the island, so much so that he had to carry food in his pants, as his father used the only paper bags as brief-cases.

He and his father also had to castrate pigs with a pocket knife.

It is unclear whether or not he met her before or after he moved to the USA.

Victor flew to Miami some time after Fidel Castro took power, most likely some time in the mid 60's although it's never directly stated. He brought with him one white tuxedo which he would later consider to be his "lucky tux" because it was the only one that made the journey into the states with him.

He left Miami to give her time to think about their marriage and went to visit his daughter Angie and her family in LA.

While there, Emelina called and told him she wanted a divorce.

Victor Garcia Lantigua Palmero was born on August 26th, 1947 in Cuba.