Or not enjoying because it’s a challenge—and that’s good too!

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Occasionally about his personal life and work issues. I hung out with Pele and her now 6-year-old daughter on Saturday.

We had lunch then played with Legos a her house for a few hours.

When I get home (at coffee shop now) I will do some laundry, watch a movie, and finish knitting another what I like to call a “protest hat.” I’ll be marching around the day after the inauguration.

I'm skilled in the kitchen and I love to cook so be ready for some tasty meals should you chose to meet me.

I felt bad—I feel bad—but I know it was the right decision for the group. My new friend (he's "Dan" from the July post), a guy I’ve been hanging out with for maybe a year, sort of made a pass at me on New Year’s Eve. ) and has a variety of mental health issues that make him seem like not a great boyfriend candidate. Maybe he was drunk and that “pass” (which was a cuddle on the couch) didn’t mean anything.

We didn’t go out together, but he was out in my ‘hood and came over when I got home. I put an end to it and he apologized a lot (during and after).

I got an estimate from a carpenter but I didn’t love his design—and it was something like a thousand dollars more than I was expecting.

So that decision is back on hold, but I would like to do do something about it soon.

Dad really wanted me to come down to LA, where he was going to be.