Kim Hyun-Joong right-hand side sign stated “Dating openly with his girlfriends at Cinema, fishing, garak fish market” Kim Hyun Joong said “I had been dated with female artist for five months” SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong reveal the fact of his sweet dating story with famous artist.

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S you think of *NSYNC as artists, but in our country and Japan, [the general public] does not consider idols as artists and their image is restricting.” “Idols can date too ,but I think at one point, we were brainwashed into thinking that idols can”t date…

Even if idols act, they have a disadvantage because of their idol background, and even if they buy a car, people make sarcastic remarks. Although they are young, they are also human and should be acknowledged as people of this culture so it”s unfortunate.” “I used to like girls who I liked [instead of the other way around], but as I did “Generation of Youth“, I thought for the first time that I can be swayed by a girl who treats me well…

; I'm willing to bet that he is like that or even worse with women in real life.

; Then, I remember an interview where he stated that if his friends had a girlfriend and he wanted that girl, he would try to go after the girl.

On the August 15 episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3', he revealed, "I've been dumped by a lot of women. She told me, 'Have a good life', so I replied, 'Okay'.".i wonder how many women dumped him already? ...could there be something wrong with his personality? ..i wish that was written everything about his relationship wasn't true..if it was..i think KHJ should do something about his attitude...wasn't c OOL dude!

i love this guy.reading an article such as this made me dismay!

I endured through it and thought that I should be happy for this very reason.” “If I were to become an idol again, I don”t think I would be able to do it…

Since idols are not considered as singers, in the U.

; I remember him from when he was on We Got Married with Hwang Bo.