just because I am an artist is very insulting and unfair. I think I may have got through one episode of American Idol -- and that was only become my girlfriend at the time was glued to it.Again, thank you for trying to bring to light this very stereotypical and narrow-minded idea some people have. Brian, I have just finished reading a very serious book on the creative mind, called "Notebooks of the Mind"by Vera John-Steiner. It has been a long time since I have dog-eared and made notations in a book so much! I can't even tell you if that show is on anymore or not.I think there are those that "put on aires" but they stand out.

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Frankly, your drive as an artist makes them wary because they lack ambition.

They are wary of your dedication because it reminds them of how much they have wasted their potential... In closing, you can find eccentric behavior throughout every level of society -- you can discover it in every profession.

Not everyone of course but I think a bit of genius comes a bit of whatever.......fill in the blank.

Years ago after a long absence from painting I started again and a friend of mine who fancied himself sort of a life coach started hasselling me to present myself to local galleries with my paintings---There is a membership gallery in Harrisburg called the "Doshi Gallery"---It was started by I believe a Japanese war bride that showed at the Hbg. and she got ticked off when they wouldn't sho one of her friends work , so she started her own gallery---sometime later she committed suicide but the gallery continued--there was a board of directors that were not artists but people in the community who saw board membership as some sort of local status symbol---I got to the opening that I saw advertised in the newspaper --I got there early --It was in a room in the local train station---the walls were filled with art but outside the entrance there were people handing out fliers protesting the firing of the previous diredtor----at a time after the opening was to start , artists twhose works were on display cme in en masse and removed their own works but everybody stayed to socialize and one of the males there was wearing a French Beret and sporting a goatee---I avoided him like the plague---That was the first of many stereotypical scenes that I observed over the next year or so----The pretention surrounding that art scene was on a par with anything I saw in NYC,----the stories I could tell about that place---seriously Brian , most artists are bizarre Thank you so much for this article.

Odd as they are, we need them very very much because they take us beyond the status quo.open up worlds for us. As for depression and OCD -- you can find both in a good chunk of the population... Of the artists I've interviewed most appear -- at least on face value -- to live relatively normal lives... People often bring various shows up in the process of small talk... Successful entrepreneurs live and breathe their business pretty much 24-7. If that is going to be a problem, don't date an artist--or an entrepreneur.

And likely they will not be fiddling around with dating services unless they are on a bad year and bored. no different than the average person I bump into on the street -- the only difference is that they have a hunger to do something with the time they have in this world rather than live their lives vicariously through reality TV. Unlike Europeans, American's have a love/hate relationship with artists. Hollywood's representation of artists makes it worse.People waste sooo much time on pointless endeavors in today’s world -- I don't think anyone will disagree with that.The person who goes against the grain of mass uselessness -- by exploring a useful pursuit -- makes your average Joe or Jane uncomfortable.People often dismiss the business-minded artist based on these negative stereotypes.That is why I feel that we, the art community, need to do as much as we can to dismiss these stereotypes. This much I know: The only thing 'different' about the majority of you is the fact that you have chosen to accomplish something beyond keeping up with the latest sitcoms or wasting time on other trivial pursuits.These factors work against the business-minded artist. My guess is that many people view artists as selfish or unstable...