They were also twice as likely to say they have used them to find a long-term partner.One possible reason for the trend is that Millennials are under so much pressure to get married.

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Because their main objective would be to produce sustainable interactions they believe that having the ability to see the man or woman on a basic daily passes establish a healthy and vital relationship.

Often these people enter the market of the meeting for the second time and finding much different than the first time.

57 per cent of millennials feel lonely, even though they are 125 percent more likely than other generations to admit they’re ‘addicted’ to finding true love, according to a survey by dating service (file photo)Dr.

Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and’s chief scientific adviser, said: ‘They’re not getting into bed just to have sex.

In between friends a person can find his / her soul mate and that the success of this online communication platform in case you are looking for your soul mate.

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