Capricorns want to climb as high in life as they can, and they always want to be the best at what they do.Professionally and academically, a Capricorn isn’t so good at balancing work and play.

intimedating women-32

There’s this woman you’ve always had a crush on, but she’s so into her hobbies and her career that she’s never really glanced your way.

You wonder how to get her attention, and more importantly, how you’d keep it once you did.

Or maybe she’s your friend, and you’ve always envied her confidence and put-together appearance.

She seems to know exactly what she wants out of life and how to get it.

They take an incredible amount of time to trust people and let their guards down. There’s this misconception that the career-minded Capricorn treats sex as business as usual. Just like other areas of life, Capricorns are traditional and cautious until they feel safe, and the bedroom is no different.

Under her composed exterior, a Capricorn chica is ready to unleash, but only if she’s committed to and respected by her partner.She has a vision for her life, and she knows that only hard work and ambition will get her there.After the office, when you and your co-workers are going out for drinks, she’s staying late to perfect the Power Point for tomorrow’s presentation.They make loyalty sexy and effortless, and guys on the outside envy her devotion to her partner.Status and image are important to her, and she loves projecting the “it couple” vibe and spoiling her guy with presents.She sounds amazing, and she sounds like a Capricorn.