The other gripe I have is with the closing instrumental, the drum-solo "Toad." I will be the first to admit that the riff for it is solid, and also that Ginger makes the solo as interesting as he possibly can.

intimidating intro music-3

The main complaint I have is with the stupid cover of the instrumental "Cat's Squirrel;" the main riff is dull, and the jam that accompanies isn't much better.

Fortunately, they only made it three minutes long, as opposed to when Jethro Tull did theirs for well over five-and-a-half minutes on their debut.

From this point on, professsionalism would come become more and more important, peaking with progressive rock, and taking a nosedive somewhere around disco and punk (In fact, one may argue Cream was a huge influence on prog (musicianship, experimentation, lyrics...), but we'll save that for another time.) Also, they were among the first to make jams (for better or worse) fashionable.

For me, this is where Eric Clapton's guitar 'worship' is firmly grounded; it would be a trickier case to argue this on solely his post- Cream work, though he has definitely had his moments. and this was a supergroup before that term was coined cream rules! Mitchell Torres-Shaw ( (08/13/15) For me everything cream ever wrote is masterpiece quality even pressed rat, doing that scrapyard thing, wrapping paper and even demos and outtakes are far superior in quality to that of which most bands possess.

ream was a really strange group, seemingly living and breathing contradictions and defying common sense.

I mean, think about it - here was a group with the greatest guitarist in the world (at the time), Eric Clapton, whose pedigree to that point was deeply seeped in the blues.

There's also the fact that, as famous as their lengthy live jams were, these almost never made their way into the studio - most Cream tracks are relatively brief and to the point. First of all, Jack Bruce was an absolutely incredible riff-maker during the band's short tenure (though, alas, he mostly dropped off of the face of the earth afterwards), so the songs are almost always interesting.

This might seem somewhat obvious, but I feel it extremely necessary to point that out.

Unfortunately, they only released three albums (excluding "Goodbye"), all of which were solid. Perhaps, it was, seeing that they could have severely tarnished their legacy by releasing tons of music... these guys are numer1 in my book and futhermore I am certenly greatful for the good folks at universal for remastering and doubling up the disreali greas lp on 2 cds! Even the silly tracks have an amazing musical blueprint behind it and the silliness is quirky and British.