This boss is tuned to be extremely challenging to even the highest skilled players.

A new tier of epic items are now available for purchase with Emblem of Conquest, found in the 25-player version of Ulduar.

The Corrupted Blood attack does about 2000 points of damage to a player in total, and if 15 people get corrupted this means a total of 15,000-30,000 HP (depending on how fast it gets cleansed) which need to be healed.

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This fight is going to revolve around Hakkar's Blood Siphon.

You need to make sure the entire raid gets poisoned by a Son of Hakkar's poison cloud before each Siphon.

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Hakkar will also frequently spit Corrupted Blood at members of the raid, dealing a large amount of shadow damage.

Spreading the raid to limit the number of people who can be hit can help but also causes problems collapsing back to receive the poison.

It's a good idea to keep at least 6 main healers for the raid for this reason.

Bear in mind that if you're left with one tank and Hakkar still has a substantial Hp level, a wipe is pretty much a given so reset the fight by running down the stairs.

Hakkar needs to have his aggro held by 2 or 3 tanks.