Lenihan says of destruction of the Waterford fairyfort, “It will be more than bad luck, there are stories after stories of it.

I’d be the first to be skeptical, I’m not one of those people who believes everything they hear.

There are also antique gardens at the Royal Hospital, built by King Charles in 1684.

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The city has grown significantly in recent decades with the City and County 2014 population in excess of 1.2 million.

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The Knockhouse fairyfort, for years believed to be of special archaeological interest, is thought to date to 800 AD, with most Irish ringforts dating from the late Iron Age.

Ringforts were ancient circular settlements which were surrounded and enclosed by one or more earthen or stone banks and ditches.

It is often said that leprechauns, notorious trickster fairies, keep their gold in the forts.

According to RTE News , “The Council has known about this ring fort for many years and the company is working with the local authority and the National Monuments Office to excavate the site.

I’ve been collecting folklore for 40 years and a lot of the stories are bunkum, but not all...

You can have one coincidence or two coincidences...

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Dublin city - Baile Áth Cliath dates from the 8th century and the Viking settlement Dubh Linn at Wood Quay.

As the ringforts fell out of use after centuries, locals did not know what the remaining ruins were originally for, and explained the strange, circular, built-up sites as the homes of fairies.