Her body was discovered six days later near Gisborne South, about 50 kilometres (31 miles) north from Brunswick.

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Meagher first moved to Australia when she was aged 9 when her father, George Mc Keon, worked in Perth.

She spent several years in Perth, in which time she attended Bull Creek Primary School and Rossmoyne High School before returning to Ireland with her family in 1996.

After receiving the video, attention switched to looking for the man in the blue hoodie, though a second search of the Meaghers' flat took place on the evening of 25 September, with more items removed for testing.

At about pm on 27 September, police arrested Adrian Ernest Bayley, then 41, at his address in Coburg, and then questioned him at great length.

She left the bar at around am and began the short walk back to the home she shared with her husband.

When she could not be found or contacted by phone, he contacted the police.

On 25 September, closed-circuit television (CCTV) video was handed to and then released by Victoria Police.

The video was handed to them by an employee of the Duchess Boutique, a bridal shop based on Sydney Road near Hope Street.

The case is noteworthy for the high level of sympathy and grief that it generated both in Australia and Ireland and also for the legal consequences that it helped to generate.