Originally posted by Toonview From the New York Post: Jillian Barberie is leaving "Good Day Live" (noon/ Ch. Lauren Sanchez should stay on the UPN 11 o'clock news. Today on the show, Martin Short filled in for Steve.5) but will continue to co-host the show's local com ponent, "Good Day L. She wears short-ass skirts, and her and Rick Garcia stand up durring the news cast. I forgot how the subject came about, but they made it seem as if Dorothy was being "fired". well the fox news shows have that look them them that is related to the Los Angeles reporter. Forget the news, lets just see what you don't have on. She said she's just gonna wear what she had on this morning to the red carpet show.Too bad they haven't had better replacement cohosts since she left.

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A." with Edwards and Jillian Barberie, who left "GDL" last June. She's been a bit more outspoken than usual, it seems as if she wants to get fired. Originally posted by The Mad Monk I wouldn't be surprised if Jillian was taken off the national show, she has the type of personality that is liked a lot more in L.

The show had been using rotating guest hosts ever since.

A." "We felt it was a good time to leave," Barberie said in a statement.

"It's been a good run and a fun show." Bar berie's final "Good Day Live" show will air Friday.

But by the time I was 13, I wanted to go to movies and hang out with my friends and go out with boys. TV Guide: But you're able to do lots of things jumps and spins the other stars can't even attempt.

Barberie: Yes, but that also sets me up because it leaves less room to improve.She definitely was annoying, but at the same time brought that younger perspective to everything.Which is a nice contrast considering Dorothy is married and has a kid and Steve is simply just an much older guy, period.TV Guide: Because you were a competitive skater as a kid in Canada, some people think you have an unfair advantage. Jillian Barberie: Well, I hung up my skates at 13 and I'm 39 now: You do the math.It's what I did as a kid after school to kind of keep me out of trouble, and I loved it.So with all that face time, the Buzz was astonished to find this little nugget in the Los Angeles Times.