Neeson, 63, started dating Richardson, of the famous Redgrave acting dynasty, in the 1990s, with the pair marrying in 1994.The couple had two sons together, Michael and Daniel.

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Liam Neeson said in a recent interview with the Irish Independent that he was dating an “incredibly famous” woman, leaving fans to speculate who the bold-faced lady may be.

But it turns out the Irish actor wasn’t exactly serious. I’ll have to do my best for her,” Neeson answered when asked about his Valentine’s Day plans and whether he had a special someone.

“He was joking with an Irish journalist while conducting an interview promoting a documentary, and the humorous tone of that statement did not translate in the printed version of the interview,” said Neeson’s rep to People.

about his Valentine’s Day plans and revealed that he is attached to an “incredibly famous” woman.

I’ll have to do my best for her.” After the quote was published, the Internet lit up with people guessing who the famous female was, with names such as Angela Merkel and Queen Elizabeth being bandied about.

But it turns out the 63-year-old star was just having a bit of a laugh.Micheál has been open about the struggles he faced after his mom died when he was just 13 years old."I was going out, partying a lot, looking for self-gratification.Richardson, whom he met on the set of a production of Anna Christie, died of brain injuries after a tragic skiing accident in Canada.She was 45.“Behind my back, Natasha had been taking singing lessons to sing it to me,” Neeson explained.The quote that launched a thousand (or more) Google searches? Some of the female celebrities who fans have speculated might be the object of his affections include Kristen Stewart, Madonna, Uma Thurman and Susan Sarandon, among others.