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Charges will show up on your credit card statement discreetly as: CCbill or EPOCH and the sites customer service department offers 24/7 support via email or 1800 number should you encounter any issues.

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If you put in the same amount of time and energy that I did, my guess is that you’ll find yourself scoring in a similar manner.Who knows, maybe you’ll even get luckier than I did!The key is to actually put in the work to make it a successful experience.There’s really nothing on this site that isn’t well designed.Every single feature is designed to be user-friendly, and they all have a purpose. fluff and filler features that are only there to make it seem like you’re getting more for your money, but don’t actually provide anything of value. What are the chances that two Blues Brothers fans who are addicted to ice cream would find each other on a site like this?This site is the real deal if you are looking to meet lonely housewives or cougars.