..begining was lil slow with our so called hero's poker face expressions!! ......i wanted to say is that koreans do have best idea of love and romance in the entire world, otherwise i thought i had already forgotten about it....sarangheyo!! So, some people judge the others by the way they dress? :-) Watching preview of ep 12 make me realize this drama is going to end soon... Some these days seem to drag on and leave a boring spot and I always look for others to watch. Spread the love♡♡♡ Btw, we cannot please everybody...there are always critics and haters but dont generalized that RJY fans are disrespectful...kindly read all the 322 comments first before u comment...

And in real life, you communicate only with well-dressed people? I know geun wook is good kind man but the main lead is scene stealer... Since he fall in love he always make me giggling and jumping in my bed while watching .so fun to watch Je so Ho...thank you for making me smile all along.. ryu oppa you are so famous..:-D anyway, waiting patiently for the next episode. If you know of any good ones let me know as I have watched many over the past 3 years. well, 3 days to go and I will see bonui and jesuho again..love love♡♡♡ Priya: i am sorry that the first 16 minutes of the drama did not impress you, and I also agree that the first 2 episodes were weak.

at first i don't want to watch this drama because i dont like hwang jung eum in short hair :((( but finally i get to watch this drama. I really have no idea how anyone on earth would want to wear a single thing she had to put on, what was that stylist thinking??? So much effort was put into making every aspect of her appearance odd and unattractive, it was too fake. ...itz true that this drama is not an exceptional drama of any category but still a very nice work though!! He is a very good looking man and has a certain charm about him and I think this will lead him to be a super great actor for this part I also like Lee Soo-Hyuk as I saw him play in Cheese in the trap and he did a super job there.

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(hope my comment explains the glasses thing for you) Hyun Bin Oppa I love you. I think the rating had to do with the superstition theme. @Gina, iam worry that your qualification is out of this world, because this man won Baeksang award for the best new actor. I start to watch for PB.Jung hwan role just change my 1st reason .. Based on the plot given, I thought he was going to be a typical male kdrama lead who would be frustrating to watch, but Ryoo Joon-yeol gave this character so much charm and made this character really likeable and easy to root for. ♥ The secondary plots sort of seem like filler and the female mc can be seriously stupid and annoying, however, it works out, episode by episode, to grow in charm and watchability. I was just glowing in my heart and squeeing at how gifted Ryoo Joon-Yeol is in transmitting a smitten man. Second lead male is good but main lead male is grabing my attention fully.. So far I'm not having second lead syndrome here...^^ I already start to miss jenius dorky guy He soo ho..keep appearing in my dreams..... I really enjoy watching these drama.I don't have any idea to watching upcoming drama..now it didn't gain my attention yet..am I gonna do next week without these 3... Back then when I watch reply 1988 I really loved Jung hwan character..really hit me when I realize he is not the main lead... RJY oopa I don't even know you before this..now I'm your official fan... I always love your versatile acting...writer him...please make it happy ending... Sure if I wear it like him in real life people would think I'm silly because of it. Doesn't really care much with the ratings of this drama because the show itself is a very entertaining to me, I have been smiling almost the entire episodes like hell which I rarely found when I watch other romance-mellow drama, I adore RJY so much since Reply 1988, for the first time in my life I join Intl. We tend to dress up to feel good about ourselves or to look good for others and even ourselves.

You are the first who I watched and the reason why i am hooked up now to the Korean industry. I have watch so many actor but he is entering my heart. if this is not leading male material, i am worry what happen to one who didnt win. and if you think he won because of his powerfull agency, then all Cjes actor should easily won in every catagory which did not. @Gina this not leading lead material got more offer than your version of leading male material. excellent drama, it's highly recommended for you who love a comedy romantic drama.., i can't stop laughing and crying at the same time.. I truly believe he is the actual main lead..he isn't... Sim Bo-Nui, on the other hand, was downright frustrating. Watch this for Ryoo Joon-Yeol as Soo Ho, the emotionally cut off tech genius with the troubled family life who falls in love for the first time--a virgin, inept, awkward. He's magnificent as a romantic lead, with various expressions, great body language, and a mountain of manly charm. I don't have any choice other than keep rewatching this drama.... I cry for days..keep bothering me..after watching this drama I completely forget about heartbroken Jung hwan...mind and heart is full with je soo ho..thanks for coloring my days for past months...fighting ^^ such a good drama. but how the stories goes when IF hacked and junyeol leave just doesnt make sense. Your Silly cute lovable akward love moment always make my heart flutter... I want to see both of them smile happily at the end of the drama... There was one ep were the clothes of sim bonui were pretty, she was wearing a purple shirt and a denim skirt, I would love to have it and also the bag from ep 14 with the tiger. fan club for him and believe that he will be Hallyu star in near time, just my own feelings, he may not have a flower boy look but he has the charisma, talent, intensity, and charming side of him which very rarely found in other actor nowadays, however I love this show and roots for a Happy ending BN and JSH, thank you for being such a cute couple which giggling us the entire 16 eps OH MY GOD. I like the lead character best, especially Ryu Jun yeol (Je soo ho)! She would not have those kind of desires so it stands to reason she dresses like a old fashion school marm.

Bo-Ra is also Bo-Nui's only immediate family member as their parents died in a separate car accident.

Bo-Nui is a firm believer in fortune tellers after an encounter when her younger sister was first hospitalised.His eyes,smiles and voice flutters me Finished this drama yesterday. Eventhough this is rom com but the emotional scenes break my tears.. Even plot is a little cliche but liked when they show the main lead ( je su ho) a cool guy and the way he chases bo nui. Eventually my effectiveness for ryu jun yeol increased. When other new dramas the songs are uploaded at the 2nd or 3 rd episode? Mostly because it is not in drama fever ''':( Lee Soo-Hyuk is so good looking. He just couldn't seem to get Bo-Nui to fall for him. yet I want to say another good things but it would be too long.. I just kept smiling,laughing and giggling all the time while watching him that never happened before in case of me while watching other dramas...really loved RJY..i would surely fall for him here if it was not reply88.only reason for watching this drama is RJY.... Everytime I think that Sim Bo-Nui could not be wearing anything uglier, I get proven wrong as soon as she appears wearing her next outfit! I love the way je su ho make a circle when bo nui hold the flyer. Just watched the first ep and loved it, she is so funny in here and i have watched her in many roles she has played and love her.There is always a threesome in these dramas, and one person always looses out with the boy or girl they like. I laugh for the entire 16 episode omg :"D cry so much because its so funny!!! Hope to see you again in k drama and of course very soon.... I don't think I have gotten stomach ache from looking at clothes before but now it has finally happened... It is all just too distracting and too uhm...purpose, if you know what I mean. His ambiance and body gestures are always noticeable. Proof that you don't need a flower boy face just to succeed! Ryoo Joon-Yeol is so cool in here, I have never seen anything else he has played in but looks like he will do the lead role great.Thousands of people from all over the world join Charm every day to find a great date, friendship, romance, committed relationship and a happy marriage.Charm works hard and strive to create an safe, secure and satisfying dating enviroment for single male and female members to meet, date and get together.The agencies are required to strictly follow specific rules and procedures and meet high expectations for accuracy and honesty as demonstrated every day in the communication between ladies and gentlemen.