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Below is a list of five things that can hurt your marriage.

A) Avoid resolving problems B) Hide your emotions and true feelings from your spouse C) Criticize your spouse D) Lie E) Avoid creating fun memories together Variety is the spice of life. Both parties feel that the chase is over,and once the marriage takes place,they no longer need to try as hard. This happens with couples that experienced great relationships while dating.

One of the best ways to value your partner is to show them by smiling at them and letting them know that they are of great value to you.

Both men and women like it when their spouse smiles at them and tells them they love them.

Always look for that friendship quality in the person and then let nature take its course.

I married my best friend (26) years ago, we have taken licking but we are still going strong.2) A poem written to your loved one expressing your love for them.3) A picture book of your most favorite memories with them.Sit down and write 10 things that you like about your spouse.Then go out to dinner and share those ten things with each other over dinner. Listen to what the partner has to say and be compassionate.Life Tips is the place to go when you need to know about Marriage tips and hundreds of other topics.