A: Yes, it is possible to restore the previous firmware version but that’s not the solution to this problem.In fact, you may end up with more problems if you re-installed the previous firmware.But please note that after you reset your phone, you may trip the Factory Reset Protection since you haven’t removed your Google account and disengaged the screen lock.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 (#Galaxy S6) has just received the new Android 6.0.1 #Marshmallow, otherwise known as Android M, update and while it many owners have been excited about the new update, some were disappointed after they’ve installed it as it seemed to have brought or caused new problems rather than fix pre-existing ones.

Among the most commonly reported issues after the major firmware update are frequent freezing, random reboots and being stuck during boot up.

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You may also contact us directly by completing this questionnaire accurately. I just got my Galaxy S6 updated but instead of fixing the previous issues, it made them worse.

Q: There was an update that I downloaded yesterday but after that the phone just keeps freezing.

My Galaxy S6 is still 3 months old and it’s now acting like this.Before the update, my phone already used to hang or freeze and after the update, it still freezes but now it’s very slow that randomly restarts on its own.The update is the Marshmallow one and I was actually so happy upon receiving the notification only to find out that it brings more problems. I have a Galaxy S6 and it just have been updated to the next Android version.However, if the problem remained after doing it, then you have no other option but to reset your device.Step 3: Perform the master reset through recovery mode Minor firmware issues can always be fixed by performing a reset and since you cannot access the Settings menu, then you need to do it through the recovery mode.I hope you can provide a solution to this because I really am out of options on what to do. It’s just a minor problem but if you’re not careful, you may end up losing all your data, file, pictures, videos, etc.