In its simplest form an intranet is established with the technologies for local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

Increasingly, intranets are being used to deliver tools, e.g.

New ideas for updating the network architecture department video

• Data network consolidation, including the merge of data networks from other service providers acquired by Orange (Amena,, Al-Pi) in that period.

• Annual network deployment plan and associated budget definition and tracking, and multiannual deployment plan definition for accompanying the network strategy plan.

– Collaboration with vendors, research centers and universities for developing new ideas and research proposals.

Orange (France Télécom Spain) / Domestic Network Factory Senior Network Engineer / IP Backbone & Mobile Packet Core Network Planning In this position I worked on the planning and dimensioning for the IP backbone, access network and Packet Switched Mobile Core (SGSN, GGSN) of the Spanish operation of Orange.

For example, large numbers of employees discussing key issues in an intranet forum application could lead to new ideas in management, productivity, quality, and other corporate issues.

In large intranets, website traffic is often similar to public website traffic and can be better understood by using web metrics software to track overall activity.

User surveys also improve intranet website effectiveness.

Larger businesses allow users within their intranet to access public internet through firewall servers.

– Techno-economic analysis of network evolution scenarios.

– Frequent contact with vendors for technological advise, product roadmap and upgrade, strategy review, etc.

Businesses can send private messages through the public network, using special encryption/decryption and other security safeguards to connect one part of their intranet to another.