But there's a dark side to online hookups that may be putting men and women in peril.

Don't feel guilty as if you're spying on the individual because you are just protecting yourself before meeting anyone in person.

It is important that you should know your online date's real name, work and location before starting to discuss a face to face meeting in public.

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However, you always have an option not to engage in any type of business with one of them that is why we encourage you to personally review each dating service cautiously especially if there are fees involved.

There are some online daters who are honest but it can't be avoided that some also want to lie and misrepresent themselves in order to fool other singles online.

Unfortunately, there were some cases were online daters who joined in dating sites that have been financially taken advantage of by somebody whom they had met online.

Tinder users can swipe their way through more than 1.6 billion profiles every day.

More than 8 billion matches have been made since Tinder launched three years ago.

At least your eyes are wide open if ever you'll decide to continue on with your relationship with this type of person.