“Life took me on a journey in those years, there was no planning and I left home very naive about the world and people, but my travels taught me so many life skills whether that be problem-solving, conflict management or emotional intelligence,” she says reminiscently.Janine – who is currently ranked at number 24 on the BRW Rich Women List – is proof there is no conventional path to commercial success (and even if there were she probably would have hiked around it).In true Janine style this failure only spurred and inspired her to create her own brand, own style and vivacity.

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The revolutionary idea was sparked after the notable success of the juice and smoothie industry in the United States.

As a mum of active kids and a bit of a health nut, Janine saw the Aussie market was seriously lacking healthy fast food options despite the warm climate and health conscious outdoorsy lifestyle.

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Janine’s fun-loving spirit, headstrong determination and inquisitive nature often lead her to say ‘yes’ to opportunities as they presented, and landed her a role with Village Roadshow in Melbourne, which spring-boarded her to Singapore, only to return to Melbourne as a publicist with United International Pictures (all this despite no experience in management or public relations).

Her quintessential Aussie give-it-a-go approach to life also lead her to meeting and marrying the man of her dreams, Jeff Allis, who at the time was head of programming at Austereo, Australia’s biggest radio network.

Janine candidly explains the fast-paced romance, moving in together six weeks after their first date, engaged after four months, married after eight months and expecting their first baby, Oliver, after 12 months. “But we respect each other’s abilities and when it comes to our expertise his weaknesses are my strengths and my weaknesses are his strengths; we complement each other perfectly and are a great example of when you get the right team together anything can happen.” Just nine months after the birth of Oliver, the couple discovered they were expecting another bouncing bundle, son Riley, pivoting their ambitions on taking control of their destinies.

A dabble in publishing and touring comedians failed to get the juices flowing – until the concept of bringing juice bars to Australia was presented.

At 27, she returned home from abroad with a two-year-old son Samuel in tow, feeling like a failure for mistakes and misjudgements that left her financially and emotionally downtrodden.

But rather than sink in self pity, Janine set a steely focus on finding a career to support herself and her young son.

But the down to earth mother of four’s path to entrepreneurial success has been far from ordinary.