Because it uses Windows credentials to access the AD contact folders, each user will see only those folders they have been given access to by the System Administrator.

When Communicator is launched, if the ' Import AD Global Address Lists' option is enabled, the program will attempt to access the default domain using the current Windows credentials, and import the GAL and store the records locally on the PC.

Now personal contacts would remain personal, and public contacts would be shared among all users.

If you have a need to sync the GAL (Global Address List) to a lot of Smart Phone users, first you should consider what’s in your GAL.

If your Exchange Server is less than 100 mailboxes, the GAL maybe a clean collection of contacts to push to Smart Phones.

In Terminal Server-type installations, each user created their own duplicate copy of the Public Folder and GAL contacts saved in their Windows Profile directory along with their personal contacts, which could lead to high CPU and disk utilization.

In Shore Tel 13, partly to address these issues, the software was changed to store the user’s contacts (and Call History) on their Home Server—the HQ or DVS managing that user’s extension.

Now when users moved between computers they saw the same contacts, whether that computer was another Windows box, a Mac, or a Linux machine running Communicator for Web.

Furthermore, incoming calls could reference the contact list on the server and display the “friendly name” associated with that Contact on the phone and Communicator, instead of whatever the telco sent.In Shore Tel 14.2 the GAL import feature has been restored.As before, names are pulled from Active Directory address lists into an individual cache file saved on the user’s local PC.Storing all these contacts on the client machines could lead to performance problems when Outlook re-synchronized .And if users roamed temporarily to another desktop, their contacts were not available on that computer unless they also loaded Outlook and the Shore Tel tools, and waited for the synchronization to complete.Shore Tel components connected to Microsoft Outlook to import the user’s personal Contacts, and optionally the Active Directory Global Address List (GAL) and Exchange Public Folders that the user had permission to access.