It's important to have some interests listed here, otherwise people may think you simply watch TV 24 hours a day.Consider adding up to 10 interests at least, but don't go overboard with too much info.

Consider using pictures of yourself from recent outings with friends, or on vacation, or doing other fun activities, in addition to a good headshot and as made famous in Napoleon Dynamite, the "full body shot".

The object is to let other members know you have style, and also to show who you really are.

On POF you'll know that at least the people you contact are somewhat serious about dating and open to messages about it.

On this webpage you'll gain some insight into how Plentyoffish was created, how easy it is to join and set up a profile and some of the pro's and cons of the dating site!

Perhaps you've heard of the internet dating service called Plenty of Fish?

It's a free dating website for people of all ages and from all over the world.

There's no need to deceive members because it will only hurt you in the dating game.

There's a section where you can list out your various interests such as surfing, baseball, movies, traveling, skydiving, cooking or whatever your hobbies and interests may be.

You basically want to give other members a glimpse of your hobbies and interests but not tell your life story on your profile.

Your profile will also have space to write the infamous "About Me" essay.

It's up to you to be funny, accurate or choose not to write anything here.