An effective coach keeps “raising the bar” and helps people become someone and do something they could not or would not apart from him.Ineffective is the leader who allows those under him or her to settle for mediocrity. MASTER THE BASIC SKILLS Every play is simply a variation of basic athletic skills.Now picture a beautiful home with a couple of new cars parked in the driveway. HAVE A GAME PLAN Every coach knows his team, studies his situation and competition and forms a plan that will help them win. A game plan is the sequencing of plays and the readiness for every potential game situation. Third, we place our leaders in the right positions. The first is “Making a commitment to excellence.” Vince Lombardi’s saying, “Winning isn’t everything...

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The path to excellence begins with “working with a critical few things that really make a difference.” Once we get these down we work on the next critical few things. Commit yourselves to constant learning and continual improvement. Little wonder that Wooden’s UCLA Bruins captured the NCAA crown a record ten times. ” Every person on your team should work at becoming an expert in evangelism, basic follow-up, personal Bible study, leading a small group and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Football innovator, Paul Brown, started his lectures in training camp each year by holding up a ball and saying, “Gentlemen, this is a football! Effectiveness in ministry over a lifetime will be an extension of these basic skills. MONITOR RESULTS The most effective way to continually improve is to monitor results.

Your coaching revolves around developing others to be something and do something.

You also must help them work together to maximize their effectiveness. CAST AND COMMUNICATE VISION Every successful coach is able to paint a picture that taps into the aspirations of those on the team--to win the conference championship, a bowl game... Coaches use every opportunity to communicate the vision to those around them --meetings, letters, slogans painted on the walls, pre-game talks, etc.

Coaches believe that people and the future will be better because of them.

As leaders of a campus ministry, we operate in four roles--As a 1) Direction Setter, 2) Spokesperson, 3) Change-Agent and 4) Coach.A commitment to excellence brings out the best in people. John Wooden never allowed his players to stand around.Tolerating mediocrity sends the message that what we’re about really isn’t all that important. If they were not in a scrimmage or drill, they would be shooting free throws.First a coach must develop the individual talents and potential of each player on the team.Secondly the coach must mold the individuals into a team so they can maximize their chances of winning.Don Shula, who hold the all-time win record for NFL coaches says that the game is not over until the films are reviewed.