There was even a planned and still secret tribute to the Supreme Court, that would have been unveiled if the team had opened up a two-goal advantage against China.

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I want to be my best for my country, but I also made a really big promise and choice to be the best in my marriage. It was handled in such a low-key fashion that it got very little attention, something Wambach says was by design.

That has not always been the easiest thing to manage." But as her fourth World Cup nears, Wambach said, "I'm finally feeling like I'm having fun again." She will turn 35 next week and is one of two open lesbians on the U. This was meant, in part, Wambach said, to show that a same-sex marriage could be as typical and routine as a heterosexual one, a private ceremony and commitment with no mandate for a grand public announcement.

Ukraine tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky says he won’t let his daughter play tennis because “almost every other” female tennis players is a lesbian. Also, I need a photo of the Ukraine women’s tennis team, stat.

If you’re in DC, check out at the Eastman Studio Theatre in the Elstad Annex of Gallaudet University.“My girlfriend will not stop talking about how hot Ruby Rose is from Orange is the New Black. Montgomery County Catholic elementary school fired the gay teacher after getting married to a woman, but now people in power are trying to help her get her job back.

Abby Wambach does as good a job keeping her private life private as any athlete we’ve ever seen or researched for this site.

There are nothing but rumors, conjecture, and pure rampant speculation about who may be Abby Wambach’s boyfriend, or Abby Wambach’s girlfriend.

However, the weight of the decision was strong enough that for once outside thoughts were allowed to creep in.

Social media messages were posted, from the likes of Wambach and Rapinoe, who are openly gay, and several others who simply understood the gravitas of the occasion.

I had a swell time at Outfest’s opening night, where Gary Marshall attended to support friend Tig Notaro.

The National Enquirer doesn’t know what lesbian emails look like. #lesbian Bisexuality is coming up on an episode of .

For me that is putting positivity in the world."For Rapinoe, who was suspended for the quarterfinal as a result of picking up two yellow cards in the team's first four matches, Friday was a deeply emotional day."It is just amazing," Rapinoe said. It is something you can't really put into words and something that's a little overwhelming for (the Supreme Court) to just strike it totally across the board.