Paleogeography and tectono-stratigraphy of Carboniferous-Permian and Triassic ‘Karoo-Like’ sequences of the Congo Basin.

Background to a punctuated history of geoscience in the Congo.

SCIENTIFIC RESPONSABILITIES (non-exhaustive) President of the French Association of Sedimentologists (1992-1999), Member of the scientific committee of the Geological Map of France (1993-2010), Member of the scientific committee of the French Program of Nuclear Wastes storage (1995-1998), Member of different assessment committees of the CNRS (“Intérieur de la Terre”, ECLIPSES…), Leader of the project “TOPOAFRICA” (ANR - Scientific Research Agency)…

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Khure (South Africa-France), SAMPLE (DFG - Germany), Gondwana Perspective (Brazil)… (in press) Late Cretaceous changes in continental configuration : toward a better-ventilated ocean ?


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