Note: Even the worst sort of dating can result in happy marriages. However, that doesn’t make it wise or mean that there is no need for improvement to the process! Consider what was discussed previously about our God-designed passion.

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Statistics show that if you’ve had a great love once you are more likely to find another after the loss of a spouse Why is that true? A husband and wife should have an amazing, fulfilling relationshipto include a wonderful physical relationship. God designed us to desire one another this way (Genesis ; Proverbs ).

Because it’s all about our foundation, our commitment, and yes it’s all about the love. Outside the marriage relationship this sexual intimacy is immoral.

However, as previously noted, the act of spouse finding is age old.

For centuries it included parental and family involvement, chaperoning, group activities or family activities, and little or no physical intimacy.

This is not just about physical attraction which is a God-given characteristic. Physical intimacy should be reserved for the marriage bed.

This is about how our children reflect on the opposite sex in general. Can we separate physical intimacy from commitmentjust how much physical intimacy is appropriate before marriage? The consequences of premarital sex are not always evident to others. The ghosts of partners of the past will visit unannounced even after years of purity.

Dating was characterized by little or no parental involvement, the idea of ‘going out,’ no chaperone, increasing physical intimacy, fleeting commitment. the dedication needed for keeping a marriage together.

It often includes a certain unsteadiness of going from one “soul-mate” to another, is usually designed to try out varying people, and is frequently based on attraction more than friendship. Does dating encourage working through difficulties? Are we making provision for the flesh when we go off with the opposite sex alone? Two young people already attracted to one another don’t need much fuel to start a fire.

Most healthy young adults who are attracted to one another will have more than enough chemistry to cause one major explosion. There is a huge difference in our children looking at one another as brethren vs.

We need to be careful that we don’t make allowances for these strong desires! looking at one another in lust friendship building can avoid looking at the opposite sex as an object and not making provisions for the flesh will make it easier to say NO to lustful temptations.

Christians swing from seeing others of the opposite sex as potential crushes to not having any relationships at all with the opposite sex. Christians universally agree that one night stands and the boy crazy behavior of girls that are out to make another notch on their lipstick case are completely unacceptable yet, how close does our dating come to this? We often forget that this boy cared for her she may have felt her behaviour justified because of that, he certainly did. Dinah got involved and brought an entire town into it the consequences were horrific. Convert the lost, but don’t take a chance on losing your soul. It just shows us by example that there is a danger in marrying the ungodly.