To help with the task, I asked some fans of the playoff teams (and not-fans of those teams) to tell me why a Yankees fan should or should not jump on board the bandwagon for the next few weeks. There's the feel good story behind Anthony Rizzo beating cancer and his ability to catch a baseball from ANYWHERE on the field (tarps, walls, etc). Guys want to be him, and girls want to be with him. A case for why you should or should not root for teams still in the hunt for the World Series. Vin Scully is gone now, but it would probably make him happy if the Dodgers won the World Series and I would like to imagine Vin happy in retirement. Maybe it would be okay if they won because I don’t really care? It’s like the complimentary glass of water on a table at a restaurant, but really, really expensive water. Washington Nationals Another NL team that I don’t think a lot about, but this one has Bryce Harper! This would have been better before the events of last night, when Buck Showalter decided to end his team’s season with his fantastic closer still in the bullpen and Ubaldo Jimenez on the mound. If you love something, set it free to go close games for a playoff contender. Matt Lyons over at Let’s Go Tribe was very to the point when it came to why a Yankees fan might want to root for his Indians in the playoffs: Accurate. Chicago Cubs I can’t help but root for the Cubs to win it all this year.Another issue of contempt is the fight over Connecticut.

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The NY metro north trains run into Fairfield County and all roads lead to NYC.

Yet outside of Fairfield County, you have Yankees, Mets and Red Sox fans. Mass and Greater Springfield (MA) much more than with Southern CT.

My grandfather was an avid Red Sox fan and for his entire life, his beloved sox never once won.

But one of the things that you need to understand is that loving your respective team is not really what its all about. Now don't get me wrong, Bostonian's are wonderful people and New Yorkers are some of the warmest people (if a bit noisy and obnoxious sounding) but when it comes to baseball, it is hate that is the unavoidable key word.

Growing up here, there was much more than just excitement about games against our New York counterparts.

One can't overlook the fact that aftermarket game tickets for games against the Yankees command prices sometimes 50% higher than game tickets against other teams.

One also can't overlook the fact that Boston and New York are relatively close.

Contemption grows because out of towners often think that Boston is nothing more than a small city north of New York.

So, if you happen to visit Boston, especially during our summer tourist season, you should keep in mind that any Yankee's apparel will draw attention.

It is always fun to wear your home team shirt or hat when you travel and I am lucky to be from a town where our B hat is the most commonly worn out of town sports hat on the earth.

Many attribute the strength of the rivalry to the fact that the Red Sox failed to win a World Series for 86 years, from 1918 to 2004, a legend known as the CURSE OF THE BAMBINO.