Gilles Marini, 36, is making sure that he takes home the champion title by enduring even more grueling workouts than before. More » From Victoria’s Secret models (Adriana Lima) to expectant mothers (Kristin Cavallari), Celebuzz caught up with a few of your favorite stars to get the scoop on what celebrities do on Valentine’s Day, and you’ll be happy to know, it’s basically the same as everyone else.

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More » , so naturally his pro partner has to be top notch!

Two-time winner Cheryl Burke seems like the perfect choice, right? “I wouldn’t mind him as a partner,” she tells Celebuzz — but she’s set on another football stud!

I say: 'Just own it Rob, get out there.' I think with Rob and his situation he can definitely come out and own it a little more.

It just happens, it's not like he's so obese he can't walk.

In 2011, Kardashian also competed in the thirteenth season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, during which he placed second.

in Los Angeles, California, United States to attorney Robert Kardashian and wife Kris.Cheryl Burke has heaped praise on her 'Dancing With The Stars' partner Rob Kardashian for losing weight. In a blog entry written for People, she added: "I can tell Rob is getting more comfortable with his body because he's starting to wear tank tops to rehearsals. The beautiful dancer has been really impressed with how the reality TV star - the brother of Kim Kardashian - has applied himself in rehearsals and his waistline is already displaying The Benefits of his hard work. I think that's it's fine, why does he have to go into hiding or why isn't he coming out?I think it's not a big deal.""I know Rob really well, he's a normal guy and he's so sweet, and I just don't think that he has anything to be insecure about.Its follows Kardashian's relationship with model Blac Chyna as they prepare to welcome their first child.