memorize it, you will be saying it alot from here on out... I still don't get why these people believe that tabloids would try to *hide* a secret RK marriage and baby (to the point of photoshopping pictures of Rob to hide his ring).

A paparazzo could probably put his kids through college with one snap of the two of them together or carrying a baby.

Well, Pookie always annoyed me, with her cutesy-wootsey 'I'm an ickle mouse!! But, it must sting that she's jumped ship without so much as a 'see ya, suckers! Roll call for the still living / present Haven, A List: The Rev Coffee, Arleen, Sue 'faggots' Morris, Teresa 'Would you like a copy of The Watch Tower With Those Fries' Holmes B-/ C List : Frenchy, Gigi, onagee, Annie Missing, presumed dead: Tina Wotherspoon, Pookie Lewis Missing, presumed tied up with legal issues involving restraining orders, bankrupcy / child custody hearings: Vern, Vile Tbell Sue Morris writes:'GOOD MORNING EVERYONE, Getting dressed to make a WALLYWORLD run for a new smoke alarm.

I really it is just silly to try to figure out where Rob is, he is more than likely near his baby and wife, where ever or what ever it takes, thusly his tired blue eyes and facial expressions. I believe they are both busy with baby all the time, with others, like family and friends keeping the home fires burning with the three dogs, and everything else. As much as I love to read all their rantings, I am really glad Pookie's gone - reading though her horrible poetry was taking me to the limit.

If she could just get nothing but "You're not the boss of me!

" roles for the rest of eternity, she might actually have a career. Paps hang on to videos to later use for their agenda.

Will Kristen ever come out or just keep all seven of her fans guessing for eternity?

And if a Robert Pattinson falls over on a red carpet, will anyone notice?And just so we can all commune about Jodie and Kristen...What on earth might she possibly be saying to her in her "finger of the wag" moment?Ladyfingers and Baby D are like magnets for those who should be on anti-depressants and made to get out of their computer chairs.If they weren't so self-important and pretentious, I would pity them.Two minutes on the Kristen thread at Lshat and I can see she has been spending time with everybody except Rob and Sweetpea.