He's almost certainly a "liar" (and a fraud), as Steven Goldman said here yesterday. What he's certainly not, though, is any more guilty this morning than he was the morning before that of the violation with which he was charged more than a year and a half ago. It's not, though, apparently: What this sort of "analysis" does is take a complex legal problem and turn it into a sporting contest -- one on one (Braun vs. It presumes that one of two conditions is true (that in sports terms, it's either a win or a loss): either Braun is innocent of all wrongdoing and Laurenzi set him up somehow -- doctored the sample, whatever -- or he's guilty and Lorenzi "wins," is entirely vindicated, becomes the good guy, and so on.

Braun tested positive in October of 2011; the arbitration panel ruled in January of 2012 that there were significant questions as to whether that sample had been handled in accordance with the procedures laid out in the agreement between the league and the players; certainly, nothing we could possibly learn that didn't have to do with the handling of that specific sample could have anything to do with his culpability in that particular matter. In that view, Braun's acceptance of this suspension gives us plenty of reason to believe that he also legitimately failed the test in 2011, and thus, Laurenzi must have been the good guy, the winner.

Sure, "things we learned about the collector" could insinuate something unsavory. Which is the reason Laurenzi faced media scrutiny and apparently lost his job -- not because Braun made one or two statements that may or may not have vaguely suggested bad things about him, but because Laurenzi did not in fact do his job.

ryan braun dating anyone-67

Official word has come down that the couple is now officially engaged.

On her own blog, Fraser broke the news of the engagement with a small quip calling Braun her fiance, rather than a giant public proclamation: So there you have it. Sources have popped up on other sites saying it was a low key proposal at their favorite restaurant where Braun presented her with a massive rock.

The evidence presented in Braun's arbitration case suggested -- to two members of the three-arbitrator panel, at least -- that Laurenzi did not successfully perform that job.

That was all there was to it -- the procedures that must be followed in order to suspend a player under the agreement were not followed, so the player could not be suspended.

It doesn't matter if we think this particular evidence is trustworthy despite the flaws in its handling; the point is to avoid those kinds of case-by-case determinations, by holding the people in charge of gathering or keeping the evidence to a certain standard that must be upheld in every case.

Baseball isn't the state or federal government, of course, but the league and union agreed to very similar rules, for very similar reasons; if the union was going to agree to subject its players to the kinds of harsh penalties the current system calls for, they insisted on requiring the testers to follow procedures that made completely sure that the samples were true and trustworthy -- not to permit an arbitrator to ask, on a case by case basis, whether we could be comfortable that the samples were probably trustworthy, but to make sure that precise procedures were followed, to the letter, in every single case. had one job -- to make sure that the procedures for the handling of test samples, as established by the agreement between baseball and the players' union, were followed with respect to Braun's sample.

In sports, which exist to pit one man or woman or horse or team against another, that sort of attitude generally works; in law, not so much.

The laws of evidence and criminal procedure have developed the way they have because if we're going to find a person guilty of something that will deprive her of her liberty, we want to be damn sure that we're getting all the facts right.

After even more research, (OK, that’s a lie, a reader pointed us to this), Braun and Fraser were seen kissing on the field when the Brewers clinched their playoff berth.