After each date you fill out your score card and the men move on to the next date.At the end of the party we collect the cards and see who likes whom.A registration for Date-THE-People will be possible from the 1st of april 2017.

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Within 2 days, we then inform members of couples who both liked each other of their contact details by e-mail.

This means that within two days you will probably have the contact details of several people whom you have met and liked and who would like to see you again too.

Are you interested in really meeting many new people and deciding who you want to date?

At a Speed Dating party, you will enjoy a series of short & private dates during which you can decide if you would like to see the person again.Un très beau rendez-vous qui nous a marqué avec pas mal de surprises et de souvenirs. Pour cette occasion, nous vous avons concocté un clip vidéo qui j'espère vous fera plaisir et surtout donner l'envie de vous y rendre l'année prochaine car sincèrement ça vaut le coup ! Code Promo ici : LC5 ❏ Couillaler : Accessoires pour caméscopes Sony Handycam, appareils-photos numériques Sony Cyber-shot et reflex numériques Sony Alpha SLT & DSLR, ILCE, NEX...IOT/M2M EXPO (IOT/M2M OSAKA) features Io T/M2M Solutions, M2M Modules/Devices, M2M Device Components, Sensor Network Technology, Measuring Devices MOBILE SOLUTIONS EXPO (MOBIX OSAKA)International Mobile Solutions Trade Expo.Mobile Solutions Expo (MOBIX Osaka) showcases GPS services, Smartphones, Mobiles, Terminals, Tablet PCs, Handy Terminals, Peripheral Devices, Mobile Software, Middleware, Mobile Applications Development WEB & DIGITAL MARKETING EXPO (WEB-MO OSAKA)International Digital Marketing & Web Services Expo. With kind suppot of the anime-flirting-community Otaku-Flirt we present you the german Anime-Speed-Dating-Area at Do Komi 2016!