Replace worn-out clothes of bitterness with new garments of praise.This will require time for personal discipline with the Lord in prayer and Bible study.And since the new season is upon us, it’s the perfect time to step away from closet-cleaning and clear out other areas of our lives!

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Spring cleaning for your dating life 6 bad habits video

A husband who secretly longs for a wife like his mother may set himself up for disappointment when his wife exhibits the opposite behavior. Although God is the only one who can meet your total needs, a mutual exchange of longings and wishes will encourage give and take and help avoid unnecessary hurt. Keep a journal of old personal patterns and childish behaviors. Ask yourself, “Could I be taking this situation personally? Mend the tears of broken relationships and hurt feelings. True love sees weaknesses but rallies to cover them with strength, compassion and encouragement.

If a wife expects her husband to continue romancing her after the honeymoon and he fails, resentment may follow. ” Even housecleaning experts need extra help to destroy unwanted, moldy habits and to filter out compacted dirt.

The more places you go, the higher your chance of expanding your social circle which increases your chances of meeting that special someone. And as always, if you need a little extra help get in touch with me and the team at the Matchmaking Institute!

Get your friend to match you, go online, hire a matchmakers or just go out. Say yes to party invitations, go to a happy hour after work, or eat at an outdoor café and see who else is there or might walk by. Haven’t had luck dating a certain type of person in the past? So good luck, have fun, and get yourself some spring lovin’!

What's it like when you don't have three sweaters on and a possible case of hypothermia?

Spring is the perfect time to not only clean up your home, but to also clean up your love life. Catch your mate doing something noteworthy, and give word gifts of praise. the things you’d each like your spouse to do for you.SEE ALSO: How To Help A Troubled Marriage No matter how great your housekeeping skills, stop and spring-clean your marriage often--together. Meditate on His Word daily, and you will find your marriage adorned with new beauty.Vacuum up the spills of harsh words and thoughtless deeds.After years of premenstrual suffering (I used to call it pre-monster syndrome), I finally learned to program my schedule around high energy days.