The program will be live-streamed at and you can even tweet your questions from home – in your slippers if you like (a cool freedom George Washington might not have imagined).Sure, navigating hometown democracy probably isn’t your first choice on how to spend an evening. John’s Thursday night, we hope you’ll take a moment to consider that you’ll be at the very heart of what makes us America.The perks of our Fast Forward Tallahassee program (next Monday 5.6, register now as we’re filling up fast) are a little different, but just as good. It’s a partnership between cyclists and participating local businesses, who give discounts to “healthy customers who don’t clog up their parking lot with cars.” Win/win.

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A kind and intelligent ruler might not do a bad job deciding how things should run in our hometown, but there is no king; there will be no writ from on high.

It’s up to people like us in this place we call home to care about the city we share.

This was the unlikely place where our first citizens went about the business of building a country “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Almost 250 years later, that’s exactly what you’ll find Thursday night, when the Village Square, the Tallahassee Democrat and Leadership Tallahassee join forces to host the fourth annual Tallahassee Town Hall.

It’s free and open to the public (go to print your ticket).

As they went about the business of building a country without a king, our founding fathers had more than a little trouble agreeing with each other.

Democracy turns out to be a pretty sloppy business.James Madison saw the Bill of Rights as a “mere parchment barrier” compared to the power of this factionalism to check the power of the majority and insure freedom for the minority.So, despite the differences between the framers and the odds against them, in this new country the king was no longer the seat of power – it was now the humble town square.I get the best articles delivered to my inbox almost daily, by a wonderful group of citizens.I’m always flattered that they thought of the Village Square when they think of citizenship.But no matter how unpleasant they found it, the framers never had the luxury to avoid the difficult conversations.