It works by extracting patterns from your incoming mail and comparing them to patterns taken from millions of internet email messages sampled daily from numerous sources all over the world.

These messages will not be quarantined or delivered to their intended recipients—they will be rejected by the server.

Select this option if you wish to accept messages that OP determines are part of a virus outbreak.

These messages will not be flagged as spam and delivered to their intended recipients—they will be rejected by the server.

Messages classified by OP as "bulk" mail will not be blocked by this option unless you activate the option below.

Similarly, for spam messages it will often take time and effort to analyze the spam and create a safe filtering rule before it will be recognized by traditional heuristic and content based not a replacement for traditional anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-phishing techniques.

In fact, OP provides another specialized layer of protection on top of the existing heuristics, signature, and content based tools found within Security Plus and MDaemon.The Spam Filter score will be increased by the amount specified in the Sometimes OP will identify certain messages that could be considered spam but aren't being sent from a known spammer or bot-net—as is sometimes the case with legitimate bulk mailings and newsletters.OP classifies these types of messages as "" will be affected by OP’s spam blocking features above.Instead, OP relies on the mathematical analysis of message structure and message distribution characteristics over SMTP—it analyzes "patterns" associated with an email transmission and compares them to similar patterns collected from millions of email messages worldwide, which are sampled and compared in real time.Because messages are being analyzed worldwide in real time, protection is provided within minutes—often seconds—of a new outbreak.It enables OP to use an integrated URL list provided by the IWF to detect and tag messages that refer to that content.