Here’s why: Be clear that your teen is a capable, smart person who deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. As you’re setting house rules, don’t forget to talk about the consequences for breaking them.You may want to write down the rules and encourage your child to review them from time to time.

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Even a brief introduction can give you a feel for the kind of person he or she is. Here’s why: For safety reasons, it’s important for you know to where your teen is.

Watching this interaction might be illuminating for your child as well. This is especially true if the date is with someone your child doesn’t know well.

A curfew can also be a good “out” for your child if a situation is becoming uncomfortable.

Be clear that you can be flexible with a curfew if there’s a special occasion, like a show or a prom.

A great approach is to sit down with your child and work together to develop a set of dating rules.

This shows you value his input, which can help keep the lines of communication open so that your child feels comfortable turning to you when dating questions or concerns arise.Hanging out as part of a larger group gives your child opportunities to show you he can resist peer pressure and come home on time.If he’s mature enough to do these things when out with friends, that’s a good sign he can do them when out on a date too. Here’s why: A date who respects your child will have the courtesy to come to the door and say hello to you.Dating Rule #1: Socialize in groups until you show us you’re ready to go on dates.Here’s why: Teens have to practice some pretty good judgment when they’re alone with someone on a date.Talking openly can help your child think through decisions carefully so he won’t regret them later.