I recently looked at my 10 year old daughters email account and found out she has signed up on some adult dating sites.We have had serious talks with her previously, about giving out persoal information.

It seemed to have gone in one ear and out the other.

On the sites she listed her name, age(as 18), town and state we live in.

We did look further into the sites and found, in order for her to chat back to the men she has to enter credit card information.

Other then taking away computer rights and tallking with her, what punishment should there be?

Girls mature faster than boys and so perhaps you can ask her what she was trying to do when she signed up for that site.

There is a motive behind it and as a parent you need to figure out what it is.

I know you proberly think that im just a stupid little girl who has no idea what im talking bout, but trust me sometimes its good to get an insides veiw and get to know what your kid is actully thinkin while doing all these things, message me if you need anymore help, anyone ! Your probably a big fat ***** who's vagina is **** hungry. Someone took my information from Facebook and My email and signed me up for dating sites. I hope the devil makes you scream and moan with his massive **** in your ***** vagina. To me, teen kids are in a completely different world than us ( the one they created, not entirely real).

i relise that everyone here is a parent and that you are all looking at this problem and thinking how to solve it as parents. I dont know why i did this i just thought it would be fun and i wasnt actully going to talk to any of the guys there never mind do anything more.mabey your little girl had the same intensions as me, in that case be understanding and , well , just take a casual approch to the whole thing. God Damn get yourself a vibrator and make yourself *** and go **** yourself you such a bad mom die and **** yourself in hell. People steal information from Facebook and other stuff. I wouldn't suggest you to "punish" her, but instead try these: 1.

This might be a good show for you amd your daughter, it gives them something tangible that is very real to relate to. I was with her for a little over 2 1/2 years, but stopped working with her over two months ago.