I am not sure if you regain your virginity through surgery counts (if you’re female).

You'll see more options over time, and the matches will likely better suit you.

This is what is called a "thick market" — one with a lot of options — and a thick market is usually more efficient.

Finding a spouse is a game, a serious and sometimes high risks (high reward I hope) game.

We are looking at different types of network behavior (the high demand princess, the career type, the girl next door and the appearance-over-substance-and-insecure type etc.

Other factor includes timing, if an attractive person enters the community at a particular time, it will change the order. I will need a few hours to build a spreadsheet modeling out the different outcomes. OK this real, a husband and wife team decided to create an online dating site only for virgins, called You And Me Are Pure.com, It primarily caters for virgins to meet other virgins (not sure what's the average age of their members).

I also need to add the factor of “desperateness” too. Imagine everyone there is a virgin, and then I wonder how age plays a key factor.

Learn Vest: First of all, what does online dating have to do with economics?

Oyer: I'm a labor economist, so when I found myself back on the dating scene, it became clear to me that online dating is a marketplace.

In the book, I use the example of buying a pair of jeans: If you have an hour to shop, would you rather be in Manhattan or in a rural community?