Carrie Allen who, unbeknownst to Davis, is a mole working for Jack Harper.

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In the second season, Tru and Jack compete to get to a person first — she to save them, and he to restore the order of fate, and maintain what he believes to be the balance of the universe. However, when someone asks Jack for help instead of Tru, a girl named Megan, he is unsure of whether he is supposed to make sure she dies, or make sure she lives.

He finds out she has a disease and will die regardless, and she only wants to have one final good day before she kills herself so her sister will get money through a foundation.

Later in the series, it is revealed that Carl Neesan (Wade Andrew Williams), the hitman who killed her was hired by Tru's father, Richard.

Tru possesses the power to relive the current day when a corpse asks for her help to turn back the clock in order to save his/her Life, or help someone whom the corpse affected in some way.

At the age of only 12 years old, Tru witnessed the murder of her mother, Elise Davies.

Later in the series, it is revealed that the hitman who killed her was hired by Tru's father, Richard.

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Tru Davies is the show's main character, portrayed by Eliza Dushku.

Mostly triumphant, Tru has on occasion been unsuccessful in saving lives, sometimes because of the interference of Jack Harper and sometimes because the corpse was not meant to live. An instance of this was when a group of five corpses all asked for her help at the same time.

Other times her day rewound more than once on an already rewound day, as in "The Longest Day" and "Grace".

While Tru claims that she is saving people who were taken before their time, Jack claims that he is merely preserving fate, and that if Tru saves someone who is meant to die, she creates a ripple effect in fate.