This paneling will lend a timeworn look and organic appeal to just about any decor.The exterior cladding consists of locally cut, thick timber boards with a coarse finish and is treated with ferric sulphate for a grey, natural feel.[ More about Cabin 17 ] 1 bedroom, Sleeps up to 4, Gas Fireplace, Private Yard Tastefully restored with charm and modern comfort, this spacious one bedroom cabin has a separate living room with fireplace, a full kitchen and a full bathroom.

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The heating is based on two efficient fire stoves, one in each common area.

The plan is strategically devised with the possibility of closing one half of the cabin with sliding doors for more efficient heating when fewer people visit the cabin.

The same panels are used indoors in the common areas for an outdoor-indoor familiarity.

The bedrooms and secondary functions have white varnished panels for a brighter feel.

Finally, the interior is finished with tongue-and-groove cedar, shaped to a round or flat profile.

An added benefit of this system is that is allows for easy electrical wiring.

The system creates continuous insulation that significantly improves energy efficiency, while maintaining whole-log construction.“We’ve had increased demand for an enhanced insulation system for our already efficient cedar log homes,” explains David Gordon, president of Katahdin.

The company’s energy envelope is constructed from the log wall exterior toward the interior.

Located on the other side of the great room, it shares the double-sided stone fireplace and offers easy access to the kitchen and a porch looking out over the lush landscape.

One of the modifications the owners of this cabin requested was the addition of Katahdin’s Energy Envelope System.

A 1 1/2-inch layer of foil-faced rigid insulation is applied to the interior of the Northern white cedar log wall.