(For a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the four forms of business ownership, see my article, Choosing a Form of Business Ownership.)Once you've decided which form of business you're going to use, you're ready to choose a name for your new business.

The basic procedure for setting up a business is the same, no matter where you live in Canada, but the details are different in each province and territory.

This article will guide you through the business registration steps you need to follow to get your new sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation legally set up in Alberta.

(The names of LLPs are an exception; if you’re registering a business name for an LLP in Alberta, the name has to be unique.) It’s a good idea to have a search done before registering a business name anyhow, though, to avoid potential trademark and other legal issues down the line.

Registering a business name in Alberta doesn't require filling out a form because all corporate registry information is keyed directly into the Corporate Registry computer system (CORES).

In 2007 Energy Alberta was acquired by Bruce Power of Ontario. is to build one or more twin-reactor ACR-1000 nuclear plants in partnership with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited to supply electrical energy for future expansion of oil extraction from the Athabasca Oil Sands, oil upgrading facilities (located near Edmonton) and the Alberta electrical grid.

Energy Alberta proposed to build their first plant at either Whitecourt (several hundred kilometres southwest of the oil sands) or Peace River (on the western part of the oil sands).The following legislation indicates what information that must be filed with the Registrar of Corporations.Most registrations for corporations, extra-provincial non-profit organizations, and trade names/partnerships can be processed by a Corporate Registry service provider.A declaration of a trade name is classed as a basic service, so any authorized service provider should be able to do this for you.Search for a Registry Agent, near you online or download the Registry Agent Product Catalogue for descriptions of services and fees.If for example, you’ve chosen to set up your business as a sole proprietorship using your own name, without adding any other words, you don’t need to register your business in Alberta.