My 1) My Device was not showing up 2)RRD files were not getting created 3) No graphs were generated.

updating cacti-90updating cacti-5updating cacti-24

Future plans will have it do plugin specific functions, for instance, if you opt to install the discovery plugin, it will prompt you for a few basic settings and will then start auto-discovering your devices immediately for you.

All of this is built to give you an even better out of the box experience when using Cacti EZ.

I have followed the troubleshooting documentation and everything (permissions, mysql, etc) checked out EXCEPT i cannot see any "rrdtool update" statements, as one of the steps on the troubleshooting documentation says to check the for that : Data Source Debug/usr/bin/rrdtool create \/usr/local/cacti-0.8.7g/rra/web2-1_cpu_378\--step 300 \DS:cpu: GAUGE:600:0 \RRA: AVERAGE:0.5:0 \RRA: AVERAGE:0.5:0 \RRA: AVERAGE:0.5 \RRA: AVERAGE:0.7 \RRA: MAX:0.5:0 \RRA: MAX:0.5:0 \RRA: MAX:0.5 \RRA: MAX:0.7 \Does anyone have suggestions?

The troubleshooting documentation at docs.don't mention what you should do next if rrdtool isnt updating , after checking the file.

If I keep on manually ( Through commandline) triggering the graph does generate.

/* make sure these values refect your actual database/host/user/password */ $database_type = "mysql"; $database_default = "cacti"; $database_hostname = "localhost"; $database_username = "[dbuser]"; $database_password = "[dbpassword]"; $database_port = "3306"; $database_ssl = false; /* Edit this to point to the default URL of your Cacti install ex: if your cacti install as at this would be set to /cacti/ */ $url_path = "/cacti/"; 'cp' -u -R /var/www/html/cacti/scripts/* /var/www/html/cacti-0.8.8g/scripts/ 'cp' -u -R /var/www/html/cacti/resource/* /var/www/html/cacti-0.8.8g/resource/ 'cp' -R /var/www/html/cacti/plugins/* /var/www/html/cacti-0.8.8g/plugins/ INFO: Starting Spine build process INFO: Removing cache directories INFO: Running auto-tools to verify buildability Using `AC_PROG_RANLIB' is rendered obsolete by `AC_PROG_LIBTOOL' Putting files in AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, `config'.

Below are steps on how to update the graph templates through use of the CLI. $ su Password : excel2 (Become a Super User) # cd /cacti-install (Go to cacti-install directory) # ./configure_(updates all graph templates) Warning: If the user edits a Cacti graph template via the Cacti Web Interface all the graphs that refer to this template will be broken.

Graph templates should be edited on a separate machine via the Cacti interface or they should be edited via XML editor.

Hello, I have recently done a migration of my cacti server to a new machine.