This article will show how to configure an Open BSD system to retrieve the latest version of the ports repository, and how to build a package from the ports collection.

To utilize the ports collection on an Open BSD server, you will first need to retrieve the gz tar archive for the release of Open BSD you are using.

updating ports-67

Here is a very handy method for updating all of the software on your Free BSD box.

This set of files is used for building and installing applications on Free BSD, and other BSD-based operating systems.

Each installed port will be listed in one of these categories along with whether the port has a revised version available: contains all the last minute notes on all of the ports in the Ports Collection and documents, where applicable, some of the problems you may encounter when updating, and/or additional features or options that may be available.

You could review this file line by line, comparing its contents with those ports determined by portmaster to have updates; however, there is a much easier to perform this task using pkg_updating, a utility for displaying only the entries in entries that affect the currently installed ports since October 1, 2012.

tried using two different commands: # cd /usr/ports/multimedia/plexmediaserver/ && make install clean --or-- (using portmaster) # portmaster multimedia/plexmediaserver Either way, it tries to pull down

I've scanned the forums to see if anyone else has run into this... Saw feld has pushed a new version to ports, and I went to and they're reporting's the case, what am I doing wrong? It does not depend upon other ports, external databases or languages, rather it’s been written in such a way as to make use of the information about a port’s dependencies, dependents, file locations and other information contained in to determine which ports to update.The versions of software discussed in this post are as follows: Okay, let’s get started.I've created a jail to host my webserver/blog, but when attempting to build any port, I consistently get the message "portsnap: Directory is not writable: /usr/ports".Attached is a screen capture of my console outputs attempting to portsnap fetch/extract/update I'm not certain how to deal with this.The archive is located on the Open BSD installation CDs and the Open BSD FTP servers.