when the volume goes up past a certain point the amp turns power down to the sub to protect it . THERE ISi came to find out that Bose did do some nice things to the head stock head unit from GM that are Bose the output from the unit to the amp are NOT high level speaker outputs like your regular non-bose head units. i removed the cable and stripped back enough electrical tape to find not speaker cable but rca also feeds a balanced low level signal. but thats not a problem audio-control makes signal converters that make a balanced signal to analog so you can still keep your amp.

We installed JL C2 components in the front factory locations, and Powerbass coax’s in the rear.

This Silverado speaker upgrade made a dramatic improvement in this truck, but a speaker upgrade is a good idea for ANY vehicle on the road! Better yet, stop by our facility and experience how good your vehicle would sound with a simple speaker upgrade!

after doing tons of research on the way the bose system functions on our trucks i found the way to make everything work.i have read so much and looked at so many electrical schematics i felt m head was going to explode.

took me about a month of researching and finally did my first test with great success to far.

i have kept it stock this whole time but just hated to Bose sound system it came with.

my truck has so many add ons from factory that i did not want to lose any of them also i do not want to cut any factory wires or harnesses that with my last car and 10 years later when i had to put it back to stock it was a pain in the butt. finally about 2 months ago i just couldn't take that lame system anymore i have tons of cool audio stuff just sitting in my closet so i decided to go ahead and put a nice sound quality "SQ" sound system together. steering wheel controls,on-star,back up sensors,warning chimes,turn signals,blue tooth, XM what i found out is that "GM" has 2 kind of Bose sound systems.1.

my chime , turn signals are not amplified they sound just like before.

even though im running some major power and all new factory Bose head unit feeds 4 channels out. the stock Bose amp internally separates the signal and gives you front,left , right, rear , left , right , but also sends out a sub output. i removed my amp and sub out of the center console .

there is a bus data line that runs from the head unit to the amp.