GTA 4 took place in “Liberty City”, GTA 5 took place in “Los Santos”, and next in the series is GTA 6 which could probably take place in “Vice City 2” as heard from the sources.But there are few other beautiful places we expect to see from Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto 6 to keep gamers or game lovers more engrossed with the upcoming series.GTA 5 happened in the city “Los Santos” and now speculations are being made about the place where GTA 6 would happen.

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Also, it may be a good time to reconnect with Vice City whose part 2 i.e.

“Vice City 2” is probable to be a chosen location for GTA 6 as per some sources. Paris Paris, a part of France is known as the most romantic destination of the world.

The city has a mixture of classical Japanese history and a reflection of western culture.

The dazzling lights of Tokyo, great location and number of islands belonging to the nation would undoubtedly give you reasons to explore this city and outside of the city. Las Vegas Las Vegas as we all have heard is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Though it is considered that the main feature of the new game is the improved graphics, it also has a pretty good gameplay.

The main character - a guy Niko Belic, presumably a former resident of Serbia.

Full list of categories with modifications shown below: 1) new trees2) new roads3) when disconnecting the ENB (Shift F12), the graphics are not bad.

(By blinding and similar problems)4) Small glint on the disks.5) better reflection on the machines (especially on a clean machine)6) core files in ENB-Timecycle without replacing the standard time cycle to those in ENB, graphics practically does not change.7) Reflect on trees8) light goes on weak hardware9) test on version is my first mod on GTA IV, I ask not much throw slippers.

We should not necessarily be stuck in United States, where the majority of the GTA titles have taken place.